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national, the destruction of slavery in the united states 1861-1855, james oakes, history professor at city university of new york argues that slavery was the foremost reason for the civil war. walter bender, charles cain, jody corners, and neil donahue who all contributed to creating the company one laptop per child was that a company history and provided an outline for other social of japan yours in learning to change the world, the social impact of one lap top per child. in napoleon, left a legacy, and
themselves and their unit manager, between themselves in those who are making the policies or those calling the shots on a national level. they don't feel empowered and we are seeing more variability because of that. >> host: you talk in your book about the administrative crack downs if you will, where you get providers of care and senior administrative leaders working a little bit more together or getting the administrators out from their offices if you will. talk a little bit about that in what and what you see the value of that being as well as its impact if you will on the quality. >> guest: you know we all want the same thing. doctors, administrators, insurance companies, policymakers. there is an astronaut from outer space who was asked, what does the middle east look like from outer space? the astronaut said you know there are no lines when you look at it. the lines are man-made and that is what is going on in health care. the lines we have made in health care or man-made. we don't want the same good for the public. we have got good people. there it is sometimes working in this artif
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2